Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pagi senin yg BLUES...

Monday Morning BluesDon’t you just hate it? To wake up every Monday morning and drag yourself to work? With your Clubbing Hang Over still on your back or the memories of that weekend trip with your friends ‘Into the Great White Open’?

(Don’t you just have to hum that song now for the rest of the day, hehe?)

Manic Monday Morning Blues affects most working people since ages. Even worse if you are living in a cold country and you have to wake up very early, to leave the house when everything is still dark, grey and freezing. Can feel those goose bumps on your skin. I don’t need to tell you, why you don’t like Mondays.

Here are the 2 choices you have to ease your pain to start into the new week:

1. Get used to it!

Mondays - arglglgglgl!Because the Monday Morning Blues is a thing you have in common with the rest of the Working Drones,Cubicle Cave (Wo)-Men or other species of the Rat Race. You will feel it every Monday you start into a new week for the rest of your working days; some feel it already Sunday evening, when the weekend is coming to an end. This included me at a certain point of time.

Soon you will see the first grey hairs when looking into the mirror (even though you are not even 30’s yet) - with deep wrinkles soon to follow. Your dark-shadowed ‘Panda Eyes’ will be hanging deeper and deeper every week and rarely only - make that *very rarely* - someone will catch a fleeing smile on your face.

Another working week! Yipeeee!???I know I can be cynic and nasty, but face it - the above is only the naked and cruel truth, right? So where’s the help, the second choice?

2. Get out!

Even though you don’t see a way out yet, here are some little things you can do today, if that Monday Morning Blues itches you again:

Get out to a tropical beach!To do the big bang and pack your bags and go, it surely takes some more in-depth planning. You could start with reading thisbook or this. Get an idea on how to create several independentincome streams, invest in real estate, dividend titles, interest earners and not in luxury goods like Cars, Jewelry, Designer-Jeans, Manolo Blahnik Shoes or Bauknecht kitchens.

Don’t plan to long though or you’ll only have the chance to catch the grandpa-promotions for the elderly of your favourite airline.

Exploring the Islands of the Caribbean with crutches only makes sense if you are Johnny Depp or any other handsome pirate. Buy actually those are long extinct. So don’t make yourself part of it - extinction before enjoying your life, that is.

After all, it’s not a matter of how much money you need to retire. It’s about your attitude - your desires, dreams and demands that count.

credit to mr Christian Skoda.. tq..

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