Saturday, May 23, 2009

musim makan free..

first of all.. wishing congratulations to my office colleague and my staff that will ending single ops mode status!! and also.. i received an invitation frm x-uum mate esp my rumet that will get married soon!! so.. act alredi start this week.. my weekend schedule looks very tight to attend those makan2 time!!

this week.. mr rafidi(ASU technician) n mrs rafidah!-at kapar
next week
30th - mr tugiman (da lcct exec) n wife - dokat je.. banting..
31st - mr yus (my staff) and wife - lagi dokat.. olak lempit..

next2 week
4th nurain (my kembar-coz we born same date!) - serendah
6th anas(my xrumet) and wife - setiawan
ammar (my bestfren fm penang) getting engaged..
7th bakar2 ikan session with pokya.. hikhik!!

so.. da 6th i should split into 2.. hoho.. pening nih!! anyway.. congratulations and best of all..

wei.. potlcuk kat uma aku bile nak wat ni?? semua date full?

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