Monday, April 20, 2009

my target...

salam.. firstly thanks to pak ngah(my ex-kenu senior).. our short chat on facebook really wake-up me about setting target in life specially in career.. 
i have an anger to be a business man.. in previous year.. i always struggle to be and think as business man.. i do made investment in business.. i attend business courses.. run my own business.. but actually it was a part time job while i'm working at kino.. doing business as part time required a lot of sacrifice.. off course damn tired!! i'm selling water filter that cost thousands.. its was MLM biz.. the strategy is simple.. you invest an amount.. and got thousands as 1st income.. in the same time recruiting few ppl to invest same amount as you do before and the next income will up and up.. up away.. easy rite..?? 
but.. how many can do so giving thousands of their money.. thats is one of the challange.. the other challange is that my working time in kino not allowed me do be active in my business.. (alasan jer) and the most reason is i'm thinking is.. i need to sacrifice friendship to be a success or be rich(kaya!!kaya!!kaya!!) by focusing in the business .. which should i choose~ persueing to be rich leaving the typical life or still to be rich but in slo~mo timing and enjoy every minutes with family and friends?? 
so i choose to melagho one.. enjoy my every life under the hot sun and cool aircond, making money with makan gaji job and dating wif prospect candidates every weekend.. hahaha.. 
actually life is fun.. enjoy it.. money not the answers for everything.. i admit business life is not suitable with me.. even though i like to challenge my self,  there a lot of things to challange other than in business..
my target now is.. i planned it as short term, mid and long term target..  i put a benchmark in one years i can up my job grade.. and in 5-10 years working exp in this industry i should be in higher position eg.. airport manager (hikhik.. berangan2 jap) InsyaAllah.. with HIS bless.. and ended  my career with a good reputation and leaving this industry as a good person and referer.. alhamdulillah now i'm in boys toys industry!! its long way to go and discover.. pray for my success.. hope others also have their own target.. esp.. pay back ptptn loan..~i have 3 more years to go!!hikhik!! 

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